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Black Smart LED TV Remote Control For Vizio / Philips / Polaroid

Black Smart LED TV Remote Control For Vizio / Philips / Polaroid

  • High Light

    Philips Smart LED TV Remote Control


    Vizio Smart LED TV Remote Control


    Polaroid Smart TV Remote Control

  • Work Voltage
  • Static Current
  • Dismention
    125*40*16 Mm
  • Battery
    2pcs AAA Battery
  • Color
  • Material
  • Certification
  • Single Package
    Plastic Bag
  • Package
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Negociatable by the order quantity
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    15-18 working days
  • Supply Ability
    1.3 million pcs monthly

Black Smart LED TV Remote Control For Vizio / Philips / Polaroid

Smart TV remote control for Vizio/ Philips/ Polaroid / Sceptre/ XIAOMI TV with 17keys black shell


A typical home digital cable TV, known as DVB-C, has more features and more buttons on the remote control.Viewers often call hotlines to ask, "What does a certain key on the remote control do?"Some viewers accidentally press the wrong button, but thought there was something wrong with their TV, make a joke.Below, to explain in detail the digital TV remote control common function of the role of buttons.1. Red on-off key Red on-off key is located in the upper left of the remote control to control the switch of the digital TV set-top box.When the set-top box is powered on, click the "on" button, only cutting off the signal sent by the set-top box.Unlike the TV remote control, this on - off button does not turn the TV on or off in your home.2. Click it to enter the state of "main menu".After clicking, the TV screen shows the six functions of digital TV.In addition, "System Settings" is used for searching digital TV channels, selecting user parameters and detecting signals.3. After the mute button is clicked, the digital TV will be in mute state.4, the number of keys from 0 to 9 a total of 10 keys.Digital TV now offers 56 sets of TV programs. In the TV state, press the number key to enter the TV channel it represents.For example, if the number of Qingdao five sets is 19, press 1 first, then 9.5. Sound button Buff (V+, V-) to control the sound of digital TV.6. P+, P-, white fluorescent, below sound.Just like a regular TV set, you can press P+ or P- to select a TV channel.P+ and P- keys control the radio station at the same time. You can press these two keys to select the radio channel you want to listen to.7. [Guide] Key When you are watching TV programs normally, click this button and the program guide of the current TV program will appear on the screen.8. [Alternate] button can switch between TV channels.9, up, down, left, right button and determine the five keys, in the use of digital TV frequency is very high.Select the TV channel, to press up, down key query;To view the next TV program, press the left and right key query;Select digital media, to press up, down, left, right query.When viewing digital media information, the "OK" key in the middle, no matter what function is used, can press the "OK" key to enter the query.In the TV state, press "OK" to enter the channel list when watching TV pictures normally.10, up, down page buttonAfter the TV enters the channel list, press the up/down button to select the TV channel.When viewing digital media information, press the up/down button to search for information.11. Exit and Return key After entering digital media, if you want to go back to the next level when viewing information, please press [return] key; if you want to go directly back to the front page of digital media, press [exit] key directly.12. The function key is light yellow, located in the yellow area of the remote control

Black Smart LED TV Remote Control For Vizio / Philips / Polaroid 0

you can simply press this button to repeat the selection.Program schedule key click [program schedule] key, you can view a week of TV program preview.18, other key digital TV to provide you with a lot of functions, there will be a number of functions will meet you in succession.Some of the buttons on the remote control are set for future functions, such as TAB, Buy, refresh and so on.19. The four-color function key is located at the bottom of the remote control and consists of four keys, blue, yellow, green and red.The functions of these four keys should follow the instructions on the screen, and they represent different functions in different states.For example, you can use this red key to make a reservation when watching a program on demand.In the program status, the blue button represents a single channel, which you can click if you want to view the TV preview of a TV channel.Green button quality document, you are worth to represent the time, in the program menu function, if you want to view the program of each TV channel in a certain period, click this button to view.Click the yellow button to view the programs you have already booked

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